Phase 5 (2022-23) is now closed.

Healthy Club Officers involved in the Irish Life GAA Healthy Club project since Phase 1 (2013)- Phase 5 (2022) can use their unique login details to access the portal and update their club account accordingly.

The portal is where clubs apply for Healthy Club accreditation. Club applications will open for the next intake in November 2023 on this website.

Aim: transforming clubs into hubs for health within their communities

Club Priority Areas

Healthy Clubs consult with their members and wider communities to determine what areas of health are prioritised. The most common priority areas include:

Physical Activity
Diversity and Inclusion
Community Development
Mental Fitness
Substance Use and Gambling
Healthy Eating
First level of accreditation. Fundamental requirements of a Healthy Club
Clubs striving to achieve more and boost their Healthy Club Profile
Highest standard of Healthy Clubs

Benefits for Clubs

The following benefits were highlighted in an independent evaluation by Waterford IT’s Centre for Health Behavioural Research

Increase in membership
Attract new volunteers
New funding & sponsorship avenues
Health benefits
Community goodwill
Positive media coverage
Exclusive access to resources & supports
County Health & Wellbeing Tutors
Accredited Clubs
Healthy Club Officers (50:50 male:female)
Combined Membership

County Health & Wellbeing Tutors

Accredited Clubs

Healthy Club Officers
(50:50 male:female)

Combined Membership

Phase 1 2013
2013 – 2015

  • 16 clubs covering 4 provinces
  • 9,000 members

Phase 2 2016
2016 – 2017

  • 58 clubs (at least one in every county)
  • 45,000 members

Phase 3 2018
2018 - 2019

  • 150 Clubs (at least 3 in each county)
  • 90,000 members

Phase 4 2020
2020 - 2021

  • 272 clubs (multiple in each county & 3 international units)
  • 149,000 members

Phase 5 2022
2022 - 2023

  • Aim: 500 clubs
  • - opening of expressions of interest to all GAA clubs


Healthy Clubs Review 2020

Take a minute to enjoy this showcase of the work of the GAA Healthy Clubs during 2020

Health is at the heart of every club.

Clubs organically provide meaningful opportunities to socialise, play, and enjoy regular physical activity opportunities. Being part of the Healthy Clubs Project builds on this foundation and provides clubs with a framework to ensure that all aspects on their club are health- enhancing and inclusive.

Advice from Healthy Clubs "Get involved and start taking small steps that achieve lasting impact!".

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